NEW Women in Youth Ministry Coaching Cohort

There's something about the mixture of a group of likeminded individuals coming together and the accountability of a trained coach that does wonders for your growth and development as a leader and youth worker. I've learned that journeying with a safe group of peers provides fertile soil for long-lasting change.

I think that women in youth ministry are the intersection of some of my favorite people: leaders, women, and youth workers. And this environment is a beautiful opportunity for my gifts and background to be used for other women!

Participating in this cohort has benefited me more than any other conference or experience I have participated in! What I love about this cohort is the focus isn’t on how to lead a better youth ministry - the focus is on how to lead yourself, which will benefit all aspects of your life, including your ministry, for years to come.
— Jennifer Williams, Youth Director, Restoration Church

This whole-life coaching program is all about developing and empowering women in leadership. Being a woman in youth ministry is different. It demands unique skills and awareness as we approach the challenges and opportunities due to our gender.

We will learn across a scope of subjects focused on leadership development and youth ministry realities in our changing culture. This specialized cohort will have 10 women in leadership, and meets twice for 2 days plus 4 times online (3 hours each). Each component is very intentional and structured to provide encouragement, training, challenge, and whole-life transformation.

This cohort provides a customized approach to your specific context and needs as a woman in youth ministry.

A Few Details...

  • WHO: 10 women in any role within youth ministry.
  • COHORT SCHEDULE: This cohort will meet twice for 2 full day meetings in Orange County, CA (first and last meeting) and have 4 online meetings (3 hours each). The specific meeting dates will be chosen by the group. The cohort will most likely look like this:
    • MONTH 1: 2-day face-to-face meeting
    • MONTH 2: 1on1 coaching call
    • MONTH 3: Online meeting
    • MONTH 4: 1on1 coaching call
    • MONTH 5: Online meeting
    • MONTH 6: 1on1 coaching call
    • MONTH 7: Online meeting
    • MONTH 8: 1on1 coaching call
    • MONTH 9: Online meeting
    • MONTH 10: 2-day face-to-face meeting
  • 1on1 COACHING: Participants receive four 30-minute phone calls with me in between our face-to-face meetings plus a 1on1 coaching session during the face-to-face meeting.
  • CONNECTION: Secret Facebook group for ongoing support, training, and interaction.
  • HOMEWORK: We will do a good amount of shared, cross-disciplinary reading. I believe that leaders are readers! Additionally, each participate will self-assign homework based on learning and necessary, personalized growth areas.
  • LAUNCH DATE: We are hoping to launch in early 2018, or whenever the cohort fills.
  • COST: $2250 (+ participant travel expenses)

The transformation you'll experience from the other women and myself will be beyond these bullet points! You can read about Andrea's experience in a previous cohort.

I've participated in similar cohorts and it's beyond worth it. It's one of the best investments you can make in your leadership. It has been for me. Conferences and network meetings are great, but they rarely produce the kind of customized, personalized, long-lasting transformation that we require as leaders.

The women who've already committed are very diverse! They are from all over the country, different denominations, different life stages, and different experiences in ministry. I'm VERY excited about our "differences" because it will make our learning that much richer and more profound!!

If you're interested in this cohort or a future one, you can learn more about the Youth Ministry Coaching Program HERE (including a downloadable brochure for your supervisor, sample schedules and FAQs) or contact me directly HERE. I'd love to figure this out with you!

Ready to apply already?!? Complete this YMCP application and secure your spot with a $100 deposit.