Road Trippin'

This weekend we made a rather spontaneous trip to our favorite local destination: San Diego! It was our first family overnight road trip since we came home 3 months ago. Let's call it a first trimester celebration...

We headed to SD with our good friends, Daniel, Cassidy, Cohen and Cami for the Padres baseball home opener. The game was set to start at 7pm, which was a bit crazy considering our kiddos have been on a consistent 6:30pm bedtime. But it was time to party! We hoped for the best, and though our kiddos did GREAT the standard gorgeous San Diego weather did NOT. The game was postponed 30 minute due to a rain delay [it wasn't even raining... SoCal wimps] and after the first inning the rain started coming. Pouring! After 30 minutes hovering under umbrellas, hoping for the skies to open up, we called it quits. Plus it was a chilly 50-something degrees, and as bundled as we all were, we started feeling damp and cold. Judah was fascinated with the rain, after all, he hasn't really seen rain that we know of in his young life. Addise laid contentedly Ergo'd to my chest and eventually fell asleep.

Though our first major league baseball game wasn't a raging success, our first overnight getaway was! We had a stupendous 24-hours away as a family with our friends. Here are a few pics to commemorate this event.

Can I just also say that I'm LOVING our "firsts" as a family!?!?! We love creating these memories together. In the words of my husband, "I LOVE what we're building together."

On the 75 minute drive down. Lovin' the drool.
This blanket and smaller companion were knitted [crocheted?] by one of my mentors, Diane.

I will not be exaggerating when I say she talked and screamed the ENTIRE way down.
Brian and I were hoping for a great conversation, but were drowned by a 1-year old's voice.

"Wassup?" Judah's latest phrase. And his first time in the Joovy Sit 'n Stand. I'm a fan!

Straws make great toys.

Daddy and son at their first baseball game. Judah's asking a poignant questions about baseball.
Daddy's explaining the rules of the game. I'm sure of it.
Dream come true.
*We didn't plan their matching outfits.

A family picture. Addise was fascinated with the jumbo-tron above our heads.

The best is yet to come...

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