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Today at Newsong I ran into another adoptive momma-to-be and a very supportive mom, and immediately we started chattering "adoption updates". This other family just accepted a referral for 2 little Korean boys. I started going on and on about my year-long nesting craziness. We were laughing, they were giving me tips, and I was just soaking up being around these wonderful moms. Then, Maria spontaneously put her hands on both our bellies and squealed (if you know Maria, that's SO Maria) in delight, "You are both SO pregnant. It's like you're in the 3rd trimester. You're both so close to having your babies home!" I laughed back that I was in more like my 5th trimester, and wasn't taking offense that she said I looked like I was in my 3rd trimester. We all laughed! I was having so much fun in our conversation with Maria's hand rubbing all over my belly, that her act/words didn't even sink in fully. Driving home minutes later, I started tearing up.

[That's Maria in the black t-shirt, hugging me in the white hoodie]
God k
nows. God remembers. He knows that I LOVE touch, and I would've loved to have had my belly touched for 9 months of pregnancy. Maria doesn't even know that, but the Spirit prompted her in the moment to rub my belly. She was also sensitive to our other friend's referral news, knowing that it might strike me hard. It didn't, but as a mom she knows the aching of a momma for her baby.

Today could have been painful for a number of reasons, but God brought Maria and Jessica along for a great dose of laughter and belly touching.
I am grateful!

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