Summer So Far

Being on maternity leave for half the summer allowed us some special bonding time as a new family of five. Seeking our new normal, schedules all outta whack, lavishing kisses on our littlest Diaz, here are some moments to remember and share...

Addise was a flower girl in the wedding I officiated. Judah was the ring bearer.
Here she is in her traditional Ethiopian dress...devouring a lemon.

Unprompted cuddles. Maybe one of my favorite pictures of all time.

So. Much. LOVE.

We got an annual membership to the "monkey zoo" down the street from our house.
A 5-minute walk and we are surrounded by animals, learning, and fun.

Our association pool has been frequented this summer. Though I'm not thrilled to be in a bathing suit weeks after having a baby, I've chosen making pool memories with my preschoolers over vanity. Good choice.

Last summer my older Ethiopian had never been in a body of water larger than a bathtub. Pools freaked him out. This summer he is running and jumping into pool (with floaties), blowing bubbles, and toying with arm strokes. That's my boy!

"More Daddy!"

Tiny toes emerging like a Houdini act from his swaddle.

Learning to love the activity gym.

"Ride da horsey, mommy?" If I had a dollar for every time Addise asked me that question.
Here they are with my momma at the zoo.

Camping out with the birdies at the zoo.

Come on. They're just the cutest. It's really not fair.

His model face.

There's nothing like a naked baby.
Can't believe this chunky baby came out at 4 lb 5 oz.

Staying up past bedtime watching the Olympics' Opening Ceremonies.
Our first Olympics as a family.

His giggles and smiles are addicting.
Asher is living into his name's meaning - HAPPY!

Stop it. Too cool for school.
Asher's accompanying me to work these days. I think the sunglasses are a disguise for sleeping during the meeting I was leading.
On another note, it brings me immeasurable joy to have my friends/coworkers love on him when we're at the office. Guys and girls alike beg, steal, and barter for "Asher time". They snuggle, feed, change diapers, kiss, and rock him. Sometimes I lose track of him as he gets passed around the office. It takes a village and I live mine!
Vintage Addise. Such a lady.

Brian's parents visiting us and meeting their newest grandchild.
Hanging at the beach was a must for my island in-laws!

Testing the waves. The waves won moments later.

Sand. Sand. Sand. We find you in her hair for days to come. Curses, sand.

No words. Only love.

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