One year ago today we got on the wait list for our adoption!!!!!!

Unreal what's happened in the past 365 days! We are so grateful.

Today we are praying for the best anniversary present - court dates! Our agency only hears about court dates on Wednesdays, so it's today or at least another week. It's been 3+ weeks since the courts re-opened. I'm getting antsy. I'm just sayin'...


April L. Diaz

April has been a visionary activist her entire life. She has made it her mission to lead high performing teams and develop leaders in the margins of society while caring for our bodies, mind, and spirit. Secretly, sheโ€™s a mix of a total girly girl and a tomboy, and is still crazy about her high school sweetheart, Brian. Together, they co-parent 3 fabulous kiddos and live in Orange County, CA.