Favorite Adoption Books

If you or someone you know is adopting, I'd love to share our favorites book for you to stack your bookshelves with. Gifting an adoptive family with a book on adoption is one of the most thoughtful and kind gifts you could give them. Several friends and family have done them for us (even writing notes inside for our kids!) and they are treasures in our home. Well, treasures that now include ripped pages, bent corners, and drooling all over them. 

Most of these stories will make you cry...every. single. time, but they are written with little ones' loss, attachment, questions, insecurity, and bonding needs in mind. Some of these books are also just on Ethiopia/African culture or on interracial families. We have more adoption/Ethiopia related books than the ones I mentioned, but these are my 4- and 5-star recommendations.

And because life is hectic, I'm not reviewing. You just get titles and links to Amazon. You're welcome :) 

In no particular order:

BONUS: I just saw Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales while adding the links. And now I just might have to buy it! 

I'd LOVE to hear what your must-have adoption/Ethiopia reads are too, especially as our kids get older I'd love more stories resources for them.

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