God of All Time

Today means that we've been on the wait list for 4 months! The time has actually flown by, and we've really enjoyed these past 4 months together - seeing movies, sleeping in, keeping the wine in the wine rack on the ground, spontaneous change of plans. We recognize that every day we are closer to becoming parents so we're taking advantage of these days.

As I've been thinking about "the day" when we get our referral and then "the BIG day" when we bring our kiddos home, I've been thinking about it in terms of Finally vs. It's Time. Some days it feels like we are finally becoming parents, after nearly 3 years of trying and waiting. Yet there are an increasing number of days that I realize it will be more of the reality that it's time.

God doesn't make mistakes on timing. In fact, for years I've been quoting "the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing". Predominantly, I've used it with others about the timing boyfriends, new jobs, buying a house, or whatever was wanted NOW instead of LATER. The truth of the matter is that God is a God of all time - past, present, and future. The kids that will become Diaz's will be exactly the ones who need to be in our family. It will be right for them and us. God never gives us something and says, "finally!" When he gives us what's best for us at precisely the right moment, I can only imagine heaven announcing to the universe, "IT'S TIME!"

Trust me. When we get that phone call about our babies, we will announce to the world IT'S TIME!!!! In the meantime, we are being strengthened from the inside out (ask to feel my biceps...not too bad these days).

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April L. Diaz

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