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Friends, we need you to pray with us on something...this is just another example of the challenges that come with adoption.
On February 15, CBS Evening News chose to air an attack against our agency in regards to their adoption practices. CWA could not defend itself against the false accusations made by adoptive parents, which were further distorted and manipulated by the CBS and a previous Australian broadcasts.

CWA has issued an updated statement regarding the CBS broadcast, which provides some answers to these unfortunate pieces of sloppy journalism. Read CWA's most statement HERE.

From our case manager: "I want to assure all our families that CWA continues to be held in high regard among the government officials in Ethiopia, and they are having nothing but good things to say about our work there. Bob and Tomilee Harding [CWA founders] have been there this past week, meeting with representatives from the top levels of government and are excited about the future of our work in Ethiopia. In a meeting with the top official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hardings were assured that they are “very pleased” with CWA. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is also writing a letter in support of CWA.

The Hardings also met with a U.S. representative from the Department of State, who was there to investigate the allegations made in the recent media broadcasts. While the DOS takes these matters quite seriously, we can assure you that after an hour’s meeting with both the US Embassy and the Hardings, Bob and Tomilee were given assurances that they were supportive of CWA."

Bob and Tomilee were also excited to report that construction of the children’s building for Acacia Village is within weeks of completion! They picked out curtains, furniture, and paint – and their description of the first building to be completed was that it is “phenomenal!” We look forward to their return and the opportunity to see new photos of the building that is designed to provide housing for up to 250 children as the Ethiopia program continues to grow."

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