If You are Her

April L. Diaz

She is more committed to Jesus than her organization or denomination. She's more frustrated with the Church than she can talk about publicly because she is committed to who she's intended to be though she causes her pain. She's working to prove herself because her workplace isn't safe enough for her to relax into her truest calling and gifting.

She feels like an outsider in most spaces because of her gender and some of her beliefs, but she longs to belong. She's a closeted feminist because it's not entirely safe to be out there.

She reads Jen Hatmaker because she feels like a sister and laughter is close by, and she reads Rachel Held Evans because she feels more like the strong woman than the "helper" she's been told she's supposed to be. But she's reading more and more voices on the margins because she's more aware than ever that she is one.  She listens to podcasts more than reads books because life is always moving fast but she's always learning. She has a #metoo story that she rarely shares fully.  

She's strong and comes across strong and is often told she's too strong. Yet she feels weak on the inside. 

She has a college degree. She's several years into this gig. Her family is everything but  she wants more for her family than she's currently got. She's concerned about her wellness in body, mind and spirit, but too often it doesn't get the attention she knows she deserves. On her days off she shops at H&M and the Anthro sales rack, but online shopping is WAYYYYYY easier and a little less intimidating. Amazon Prime is bookmarked because getting what's needed in 2-days is pretty much the best thing ever. She uses a Mac and has an iPhone because it's both creative and efficient. She doesn't meal plan but wishes she did, because GOOD LORD that'd be so helpful. Speaking of food, it's a love language. She wants to eat healthier than she does. Takeout dinner and multiple grocery runs some how win out every week. She gets pedicures for self-care but there's so much more to unearth.

She is everything and she wants more.

Is she you?

If you resonate with her, Eden mastermind coaching group is for you. This group was designed with you in mind. You may feel like you're an outsider, but you're in. Reflecting on your story creates clarity and a way forward. 

You are her. I am with you. You are not alone. 

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