In the Company of Women

Ezer + Co.

When was the last time you were in the company of other strong women?

Not strong because they cross-fit all day. Not strong because their personality fills a room. Not strong like they bulldoze someone over. I mean, warriors who were fully alive in their own skin, their own bodies, their God-given gifts and passions. While it may have felt a little intimidating (because sometimes when someone is fully alive, you see where you’re asleep), I bet it also ignited some energy within you.

It prompted you to engage differently with your life.

It raised questions about how you want to move forward.

It called out something in you that you know needs to be reclaimed and released.

It invited your voice toward more confident, clarity, and courage.

It softened your insecurities and shadow self.

Being in the company of other strong women who are awake, awakened something within you, too.

For the last year I’ve been praying, dreaming, planning, and building a vision I can no longer ignore. And this vision is about ready to be birthed into the world.

You’re invited. You’re needed.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come… + it’s coming SOON!!!!!

Rhythms for Leading Under Pressure

If you’ve been leading for any measure of time, you’ve felt the pressure. It’s inevitable. Yet it can feel so intense you may burst.

What do you do with that pressure? What rhythms can help you deal with the pressure in healthy ways?

Over 20 years of leadership in high pressure contexts has taught me two invaluable big ideas that have saved my soul and allowed me the opportunity to lead well no matter the season. The big ideas aren’t complicated but they are critical to find your own rhythm so you can be and do all you’ve been created for in this world.

If you want the presentation slides that support this message, you can download them below.

April L. Diaz - Rhythms for Leading Under Pressure


Take a Real Rest

Sabbath / Check Out / Energize

April L. Diaz - Rhythms for Leading Under Pressure

#2. Honor Your Body

Sleep / Eat / Move

Lead on, friend. We need you to be healthy and whole.

Go Good Places Faster

Over the last year of coaching, I’ve seen transformation in individuals that at first was alarming when compared to what I’ve encountered over the last 15 years of work within the local church. The forward movement they experienced, professionally, personally, and spiritually within 2 months of starting a coaching process far exceeds the movement most make within a local congregation over the course of 2 or 3 years ... if ever. I’m increasingly convinced that coaching is an essential part of the discipleship process. Apart from coaching, people are left to simply deal in advice-giving with a splash of religious goods and services. They gain little awareness of whether or not they are living into their purpose toward greater wholeness. Coaching helps people go good places faster.
— Joel DeMott

Five years ago I was trained and certified in coaching as an artful yet developmental science. It has single-handedly been the most profitable training I’ve received in my 20+ years of people and leadership development. It’s my dream that anyone in spiritual leadership would become a coach because it will change how you do leadership by taking people to good places faster.

Joel’s quote above isn’t an uncommon experience from spiritual leaders who’ve completed our coaching certification training through the Center for Advanced Coaching. The movement, progress, and achievements of people who go through a coaching process isn’t rocket science, but it’s certainly a developmental science. We’d see different results if we practiced different tools. If we are to take seriously other’s transformation, we’d do better if we understood more of the art and science of change. We are only able to lead people to places where they need to go if we are going first into good places.

This spring we are facilitating 2 two trainings (Orange County, CA and Chicago, IL) for spiritual leaders who want to take their personal development and people development to the next level. Our 3-days together will be intentionally focused on you first, so you can take the models, tools, and skills to others seeking transformation. It will likely change your own life before you even have an opportunity to change someone else’s life. What do you have to lose?

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Become a Coach