Rhythms for Leading Under Pressure

If you’ve been leading for any measure of time, you’ve felt the pressure. It’s inevitable. Yet it can feel so intense you may burst.

What do you do with that pressure? What rhythms can help you deal with the pressure in healthy ways?

Over 20 years of leadership in high pressure contexts has taught me two invaluable big ideas that have saved my soul and allowed me the opportunity to lead well no matter the season. The big ideas aren’t complicated but they are critical to find your own rhythm so you can be and do all you’ve been created for in this world.

If you want the presentation slides that support this message, you can download them below.

April L. Diaz - Rhythms for Leading Under Pressure


Take a Real Rest

Sabbath / Check Out / Energize

April L. Diaz - Rhythms for Leading Under Pressure

#2. Honor Your Body

Sleep / Eat / Move

Lead on, friend. We need you to be healthy and whole.

LAUNCHING! Another Women in Leadership Coaching Group

Women in Leadership Coaching Group

You are not meant to do life and leadership alone.
You were designed to grow.
You were created to live fully in your body, mind, and spirit.

More than ever before, women with gifts of leadership and teaching are needed at the table, in meetings, on stages, and fully showing up in all areas of life. 

You are an EZER, a strong warrior, created to bring all of you
to every space you set your feet.

The thing is: you’re not doing that as of now. You know that you’re created to fully show up, but you’re not. Yet. As an Ezer, you are created for whole-hearted life and leadership, and this mastermind group will guide you toward that desired future.

This coaching group is designed for 10 Ezers in any area of spiritual leadership. For 6 months you will journey together with 9 other women. Together we will have two in-person coaching retreats, four 3-hour webinars, six 30-minute 1on1 coaching sessions, and two guided half-day personal retreats. Our focus will be on 360° of leadership so you can let go of good and move toward the better in body, mind, and spirit. You will dive deep into becoming the best woman you can be so you can better influence your boss, peers, and people within your responsibilities.

Conferences and network meetings are great, but they rarely produce the kind of customized, personalized, long-lasting transformation that next level leaders require.

Here’s what Megan said about why coaching is better than conferences:

What truly makes this a catalytic group is YOU. It’s the brilliance of the 10 women who will sit around the table and lead one another through their stories, ideas, courage, wisdom, and service. Being a woman in leadership is different, and it demands unique skills and awareness to thrive.

There's something about the mixture of a group of likeminded individuals coming together with the accountability of a trained coach. It does wonders for your growth and development as a leader and youth worker. I've learned that journeying with a safe group of peers provides fertile soil for long-lasting change.

Ready to commit or want to talk?
Let's connect.


  • PRIOR TO MONTH 1: Pre-work including assessments and read assigned book

  • MONTH 1: 48-hour coaching retreat in Orange County, CA with 1on1 Coaching

  • MONTH 2: Webinar + 1on1 Coaching

  • MONTH 3: Webinar + 1on1 Coaching + Guided Half-day Personal Retreat

  • MONTH 4: Webinar + 1on1 Coaching

  • MONTH 5: Webinar + 1on1 Coaching + Guided Half-day Personal Retreat

  • MONTH 6: 48-hour coaching retreat in Orange County, CA with 1on1 Coaching

The specific dates will be chosen by participants.


  • Launching Early 2019

  • 10 women in any spiritual leadership role … 8 spots remain

  • Limited Time: $1000 for coaching training (travel and resources not included). Payment plan available, if needed.

  • Online Connection: customized social media group for the purpose of ongoing encouragement, interaction, resource sharing, and ideas.

You are worth the investment. The transformation you'll experience will propel you toward more than you could ask or imagine. What will you gain by saying YES?

I can't wait to walk with you through this group! You are loved.

You Might Be a Youth Worker

Youth Worker Mastermind Group - Vision

You might be a youth worker if Mondays are hard. I mean, come on! Sunday happens every.single.week ... it's every 7 days without exception (Wednesdays too for that matter). You've hardly recovered from the ministry year and it's summer. The pace can be relentless.

This summer your bed is basically a sleeping bag somewhere in the world on any given week which isn't terrible when you have air conditioning. You hope your spouse and kids remember what you look like come August. For real. But summer is what we live for - intensive experiences where we see God move in crazy big ways and the heaviness that can be ministry is lightened when decisions and breakthroughs happen. You get to be creative, have meaningful conversations, call out gifts, empower leaders, and use your adaptability muscle when flights get cancelled or they run out of s'more ingredients for the campfire. Summer is something special and it may very well renew your vision.

Summer captures your fun factor but it also brings up your insecurities - communicating with anxious parents, delegating responsibilities to other leaders, and keeping track of all the details (especially the dollars and cents). Oh, and the school year kickoff is looming. But summer also raises the warning flag about your own relationship with God. Your soul's health is tested and exposed in intense seasons like this. Sometimes it feels like you're teaching about an intimate faith you haven't lived in a while. (Can I get an amen? Just me?)

But you believe in this Jesus stuff. It's the vision of it all. You might be a youth worker if you truly believe in this stuff although the church frustrates you so much at times you could scream. Privately you share on Facebook groups and with your buddies that you feel like you're more on the outside of your church's theology and cultural temperature than you wish. But you love these students and you believe in what you're building. So you suck it up and wish for change. There's an inner angst that won't go away. It's one of the reasons you connect best to teenagers.

You might be a youth worker if you check Instagram every hour and Facebook on the daily. You use it for connection to other youth workers, parents, and college friends but it can also foster a more loneliness and the sense that you're not doing enough. It's a gift until it's a curse.

You might be a youth worker if your smart phone is a couple versions older than the newest version, drive a car that's way past the extended warranty, and your jeans are tighter than is comfortable anymore. You're barely making it some months and your savings account can't really be saving for anything. You're stretched in every way. You're settling for some things in your body and relationships that you know aren't the best for you. There's a low burn in your soul that you can't ignore because you've ignored it for too long already. You're not in youth ministry as a stepping stone, but you also know you can't do this forever. What's your vision, friend? 

Now what? You need...

leadership development with a youth ministry twist
and spiked with spiritual formation

That's a cocktail for life! You hope for change. You long for transformation but it's scary what that may require. You want to be an influential voice that leads change within your church, but you're not there yet. You get that you might be a seasoned youth worker when you realize that being cool isn't nearly as important as being a warm presence for teenagers to be with. As you swing home from work tonight and pick up a quick dinner along the way, you thank God for work that matters with people you love. And you ask God for more - more wellness, more connection, more rest, more effectiveness. Lift your heads above the clouds.

You might be (some version) of this youth worker. There is more. This fall, 10 youth workers from all over the country will walk with each other so they can become better versions of themselves and in turn better leaders for their ministries. They'll get you because they are you. Can you sense this is the right next step for you? Then, check out more of the details HERE or just jump in and ...

Don't allow this opportunity to pass you up.