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The Global Fringe podcast

We wrapped up the first season of The Global Fringe podcast, with a miniseries on faith and LGBTQ stories from a few of my friends who’ve walked the journey.

One of my guests, Shelley Donaldson was kind enough to curate a list of resources she’s personally benefitted from as a Christian, lesbian, and pastor to teenagers.

I hope they will be helpful to you in your own journey and spiritual leadership….


Fish Out of Water - good for all folks with basic theology questions when it comes to the "terror texts", with pretty good scholars responding

For the Bible Tells Me So – referenced in the podcast … grab your Kleenex!



This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids: A Question & Answer Guide to Everyday Life by Danielle Owens-Reid & Kristin Russo – highly recommend for parents and youth workers & pastors

Coming Out Young and Faithful by Leanne McCall & Timothy Brown – this one is from 2001 but still good)

What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality by Daniel A. Helminiak, Ph.D. – it's theological but it's also really accessible for parents, youth, and pastors/youth workers

A Brief Guide to Ministry with LGBTQIA Youth by Cody J. Sanders – HIGHLY recommend to youth workers and pastors across the board!

The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance by Linda Tatro Herzer

Does Jesus Really Love Me? A Gay Christian's Pilgrimage in Search of God in America by Jeff Chu – it's a good read for everyone, the stories are amazing

Children/Tween/Teen Books:

All of these are book lists I would recommend and it's easier to send these rather than all of them, I've used so many of them at some point with parents of teens and younger.

LGBT Kids Books Huffington Post

Welcoming Schools - this has the lists broken down into specifics like 2 dads, etc.


We Are Teachers - books with LGBT characters

Common Sense Media for tweens

Common Sense Media for teenagers, the Aristotle and Dante one is a favorite of mine that my youth have loved

- resources curated by Rev. Shelley Donaldson

NOTE: I have not personally reviewed or used these resources in my life or leadership. I simply wanted to share what my guest has found beneficial in her ministry.

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The Global Fringe

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a thousand dreams and a deep desire to see whole the world. She went on adventures and fell in love with the people she met, the countries she visited, the food she ate, and the lessons she learned. "Let's always be adventurers", she said. Thankfully, her favorite person (aka her husband), was also an adventurer and together they dreamed about the adventures they'd take their kids on and how they could together contribute their whole selves to make the world a more beautiful place. 

On her many adventures, she met so many unbelievable people who found themselves outside the majority. They were on the fringe - misfits, outlier, rabble rousers, dreamers, creatives, and leaders in their own rites. They were people who helped her see the world bigger than she could imagine. They taught her about their cultures, food, perspectives, world views, traditions, and ways of doing life and work. They were outside the mainstream, but found their way to make invaluable contributions to this globe. These people blew her mind, enlarged her heart, and made her believe we were meant for more. She was never the same after meeting these people.

Welcome to The Global Fringe.

I never imagined myself hosting a podcast, but today one was launched!! It is so, so, so good because the guests on this podcast are beyond smart, hungry, humble, and provocative. They are leaders and learners. They're bridge builders and instigators. They are wildly creative because they've had to figure out how to change the world as a minority. Some of the names you'll know if you're in their sector, but some of them you will learn and instantly want to follow more. It is so fun to have conversations with friends, mentors, and wise people who are leading us to be more in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

At the heart of it, here's what The Global Fringe is all about:

If you want to experience more of our complex, diverse world, lean in to these stories.
If you've ever found yourself on the fringe of culture, this is for you.
Our hope is that in the next few minutes you feel seen, emboldened, and compelled to more. Welcome in...

The first two episodes are launched and it'd mean so much to me if you'd subscribe, listen, review, and share!! We're just getting started...

Massive props and thanks to the one and only, my producer, Michael Yoder for breathing life and vision into this podcast. If you're interested in launching your own podcast or starting a website, you've got to reach out to him at Truth Work Media.

My Podcast: The Global Fringe Coming Soon


I love stories. Particularly, I love stories of people who are different from me, expand my vision, and show me a bigger perspective of the world, and remind me that I'm not alone. This coming week I'm launching a podcast that will do exactly that for you and me!


The Global Fringe:
hosted by April L. Diaz

My podcast will be a collection of stories from my friends and those I've learned from in my own journey. They are predominantly stories from women and/or people of color who have so much to teach us about what it's like to live on the fringe of our culture. The guests I'm hosting on the show are people who are making an extraordinary difference in the world and carry a global perspective we need so much in our world today. 

My guests will make you laugh, think, (re)consider your own beliefs and values, and spur you toward your own preferred future. The stories we tell will guide you toward more in your body, mind, and spirit. Our stories will connect with your story because we are all a part of one big grand story together. In it all, you will find life and next steps to living yours even better. 

Stay tuned! Be ready to subscribe on iTunes, share, and review. PLEASE AND THANK YOU. 
The first episodes are coming out soon!!

Wanna sneak peak?!?!
Here's the intro episode...

** If you are interested in starting a podcast, you have to connect with my producer, Michael Yoder at Truth Work Media. He'll make it easier than you think!