Speaking for your People - Words Matter. Hope Moves.

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When you have an opportunity to gather your people together, what happens during that time is priceless. Holy. Potentially life-altering. How you curate the words that are spoken and hold the space for your people to experience a new thing is important. 

Inviting someone into that space is vital. Asking them to use words that bring hope, life, and truth is a risk. I get it. It's a gamble to ask someone to step in for a day or a weekend to bolster what's already been happening in your community and what you're hoping will continue after they're gone. It's nerve-wracking to ask someone to speak on "this" and hoping they don't talk about "that". You cross your fingers that you won't have to do any clean-up after your speaker leaves.

This year I'm inviting you to ask me to come and bring words of hope, life, and truth to your people. I boldly want to ask you to trust me. I humbly ask that you'd consider what my unique voice could bring to your people. I commit to bring my best, to love your people, to thoughtfully consider the specific words they need to hear. I promise to be a voice of hope in a world so desperately in need of it. 

Don't only take my word for it. Here are some words that will tell you what I bring with me and how my words will intersect your people.

If you'd like to explore a retreat, a conference, a service, or a training, take a couple minutes to fill out my speaker request form. It'll help us cut to the chase and figure out if it'd be a good fit.

Even if I cannot speak into your people's lives this year, know that our words matter. Being leaders and people of hope moves us into possibility and our fullest potential. Speaking words of life are so needed in all our lives. Rooting our hope in what lasts beyond our present circumstances allows us to move forward in spite of fear or doubt. 

May your words bring hope. May those you invite to speak into your people's souls do the same.