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When people ask me how I can be the kind of mom I want to be AND work full-time, I tell them 2 things. First, I have an amazingly supportive husband [without this the second point isn't even valid]. Second, I have an amazingly supportive employer with super a flexible work schedule.

It's the second point that I'll dedicate to this post [my last post was on the first point]. Let me begin by saying that I believe in callings. I believe God gives them to everyone, but callings look different. That's why it's especially important in the Church that we learn to honor and bless each others' callings. When we do that, we empower another to bring the Kingdom more on Earth as it is in Heaven. I also believe that callings can change as we grow, life changes, and we are faithful in what we've been given. What I was called to 5 years ago is somewhat different from today because of those things.

I work for a church and I'm immensely grateful our faith community models biblical gender equality. They believe in me as a pastor and a mother. They honor both callings and make space for me to be both. I believe in part I'm called to be a voice in the Church for those who don't have a voice [specifically the next generation, the poor, and orphans]. Some of the moments I feel most alive, impassioned, and fulfilled are when I'm leading, teaching, and loving people toward Jesus. If I quit my job, I believe I'd be disobedient to living out the calling God gave me when I was 16 years old.

I also believe that part of what I'm called to do is be a mother. In fact, I believe if you have kids that is one of your MAIN callings. Take it another step, I believe the Church - God's people - is called to father/mother the next generation! Because of this, I make willing sacrifices in my pastoral calling in order to fulfill my mothering calling. It's messy, but I believe someday I'll stand before God and give an account to my obedience in living out my callings.

Reminds me of the Parable of the Talents...will you/I invest or bury the gifts, skills, passions we've been given by the Living God?

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