12 Days of Christmas :: Rest

DAY 10 :: I am grateful for rest.

No news for our Embassy date today. We are waiting. Waiting for his word of hope. If we don't find out by 8am PST Thursday morning we have to cancel our airline tickets and reservations in Ethiopia. If we still can travel for the 28th Embassy date, we will find out first thing tomorrow or Thursday morning. I can't fully wrap my heart around not being on a plane Friday morning. I think I'll go into a depression...

Yet one thing I've come entirely aware of throughout this journey is that God does not sleep. He does not slumber. He is always working in our behalf. Thus, I can rest as he is active. Never before has this become so apparent as in our adoption.

Ethiopia is 11 hours ahead of our time. So when I lay my head down every night, our kids are awake in the next morning. As I fall asleep tonight, the U.S. Embassy is going about their business for the day, perhaps attending to our case. A case that means little to them and the world to us. It's not a "case". It's Judah and Addise Diaz, who need to be home with their parents. I can sleep soundly tonight because even as I renew my energy, God is working on the other side of the globe through officials and flawed processes and mistakes. And he can move mountains.

So, tonight I rest knowing that I am out of control. Utterly. Completely. Uncomfortably out of control to bring Judah and Addise home. But as I rest I trust that the God of the Universe is in control.

Here are a couple more pictures we got today. A visual reminder of why we LONG to bring them home...


April L. Diaz

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